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The blog "Charasscribbles" is currently under construction at the momentπŸ‘·‍♀️πŸ—️.

We are working on how to better feed you with amazing contents as always.

Be on the look out!
It will beat your imagination!

Stay encouraged!
2020 is beautiful still!

I value you as always!πŸ™Œ

I am Chara-thehappyblogger
Live. Love. Learn

Holla happy readers,
It's a bright evening here!

Well, I am not so gay right now...
I lost two pretty chicksπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜”.

I never planned to use this picture to mourn these chicks when I took it😭. However, it has happened.

I lost the first one this noon, how? Your best guess... A hawk took it☹️. I was pissed. I wished I could chase the bird and get back my pretty chick. But then, it's all wishful thinking. I don't have those superpowers yet!

I was conversing with my sissy, telling her how hurt I felt and she said something noteworthy...

She told me that I would not mind if I were the owner of the hawk. She emphasized that the hawk won't go hungry just because I want my chicks alive. She said that they are both in the predator-prey relationship and it's just natural for a hawk to go after a chick. Being sad or happy is then dependent on whose sides I belonged...

Hmnnn! And so I lost the second chick minutes before typing this....

What's the lesson here?
We only care about what matters to us!
We hear of so many deaths, chaos and calamities, but haven't we wondered that we seem calm after a few rounds of "why now?", "Not again!", "Madht o" because really, it never mattered.  The existence of those victims perhaps never even meant anything to us...

I could mourn my pretty chicks because they are mine! I had felt like beating the hawk because it took what's mine! Perhaps I wouldn't even bat an eyelid if it were a neighbour's.

Can you see we are "me, mine and I" conscious by default? It takes an extra effort to care for another!

It's normal to care for you and yours! It takes more to care for others! Even when you don't feel like it, do well to care! Even in the littlest way possible! It means a whole lot!

Have you checked up someone lately?
Please do! Go the extra mile!

I just learned too even as I mourn my chicks😒.

Stay Safe readers!
2020 is beautiful still!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. Learn.

No Pressure, No Diamonds - Thomas Carlyle

Holla Happy Readers!!!

April it is!!
Happy New Month Everyone!
It's still fresh in my head that last year was themed "Time".

This month, I am just going to explore topics around challenges, grit, pressure, strength, tenacity and drive!

Life ain't as easy as we see in fairy tales. Funny enough, even fairy tales characters have challenges to overcome. Just that most of the time, we are caught up in the ending which is usually "happy ever after".

Billie Jean King says "Pressure is a privilege and it is what you do with it that matters."

For one, I have found myself in situations where I have had to brainstorm and make decisions. Weighing which advice to go with, which options to choose from, deciding what's right or almost right and the list goes on and on...

Even as one may tend to get into panic mood, it is important that we learn that we all pass through such phases , not once not even ten times!πŸ˜”

At every point of decision making, there is that tussle! However, you need to stay sane!

Be calm.
Own who you are.
Own your values.
Own your circumstances.
Own your decisions.

Settle in your heart that pressure may come but you must remain unflinching. Even as you begin to sense it, take charge! Use the pressure to your advantage. Become firmer! Stay resolute. Get stronger. Own mistakes and learn. Appreciate wins and do even better!

Withstand the heat!πŸ”₯
Withstand the pressure!!πŸ˜ͺ
You are stronger than you can even imagine!πŸ’ͺ
Stretch, I bet you, you cannot Break!πŸ‹️

Welcome to April readers!
I value you as always😊

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!πŸ€—πŸ€—
Live. Love. Learn

πŸ“Έ: IamChara

Hello happy readers,
Happy reading 😊
Life is a process just so you know,
A giant step here, another there,
Life isn't something you catch up with
All at once, it is a flow; a process!

From the very images that play before us, We can see the mechanism of life.

Nothing is built in a day,
It takes nine months for a baby to be formed. A larvae goes through metamorphosis to become a butterfly...
A toddler goes through stages before becoming an adult...

Why then doth thou rush, fella?

Appreciate the process,
Learn, Unlearn and Relearn!
Be happy with the little and big wins!
Don't get all caught up in tomorrow and miss out on the bliss present in today...

The process is long,
Or perhaps it may just seem so,
However, the earlier you own it,
the better, the merrier!

Life is amazing and so you are!

PS: 2020 is beautiful still!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!πŸ€—
Live. Love. Learn

 πŸ“Έ: Kosi

Holla #happyreaders,
How are we holding up?
Hope we have been taking precautions and staying safe too😊

I know it might seem too much for us to bear right now! Everything seems to be on a hold! Restrictions here and there!

But hey, Chill😊

Why?πŸ™„ It is important that we remain sane. We stay put and stay happy too. This is not a time to allow pessimism. We all need to hold our heads high and hope for the best.

Let's bear it in mind that it's just a phase, it will fizzle out. It will and we won't pass with it. I assure you ☺️

Bond with friends and family. Be at peace! Stay productive! Show love, share data, send texts, chat folks up and simply do happy.

And just before I type my last full stop,
I want to draw your attention to articles on solitude and loneliness I published during the 30-day Challenge in 2019. You could go back to these articles.  Hopefully you find them useful in this stay-at-home period.

Safety is Beautiful and 2020 is Beautiful Still!
I am Chara-thehappyblogger!πŸ€—

Ohh well!
I have just been a silent observer!

Holla happy readers, 
Stay calm! I washed my hands before typing πŸ€ͺπŸ˜†

It is well! It's a phase! We would overcome!!
But then, is it only me? I am just still awestruck, wondering and marvelled. 
Seeing how things are unfolding and changing in splits of seconds. 

"So I won't be going to church tomorrow like this? You don't mean it😧. I wanted to see my bestie in Abuja this weekend😭... You mean I can't go for that show since it had been cancelled? Do I have to postpone my wedding too😞?"

These and more are the thoughts flying through our minds right now. Well, what can we say? The government regulations are just safety measures, perhaps.

But in another light, can we all just take a pause and observe?

Can we see the power of media and how important it is to be involved in conversations revolving around the world system?

For most of us in this part of the world, we had never thought COVID-19 would get to us this much, we had just thought well, it's happening over there, and that's fine.

We will pray for them... Perhaps all lip services πŸ˜” and here we are stuck at home and restricted without prior preparations.

Well, this should be a story for another day as it's not time to even play the blame-game. 

The message today is do not panic! Be calm! It's a phase! You ensure that you take safety measures. Be safe for yourself and more importantly your next-door neighbour! There is no better time to be your brother's keeper than now! 

By being your brother's keeper, you are saving the world! You could be the world's knight in shining armor πŸ˜ͺ! We need each other more than ever! Instead of communicating fear, show love, preach it!!!
Don't spread panic!!! 
It kills faster than the real deal!

I shall do likewise too!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. Learn

Happy readers!
Happy International Women's Day!!
T'is an ode to the beauty I behold in my mirror!

                          * * * * *

Here am I,
Standing before my very mirror,
Looking intensely and jealously,

Here am I in awe,
Wondering, what manner of woman are thou?
Can anyone see just how awesome you are?

Here am I,
Reminiscing on the past hurts and how you scaled through them,
How you stood tall above those seeming bruises,

Here am I,
Staring still in admiration,
Doting on the peace and serenity that adorn your being,

Here am I,
Admiring the dreams and plans,
And how passionate you drive to stay great!

Here am I,
Celebrating your boldness,
To stay true to convictions and make aces!

You are such a strong woman!
Whom they say can make out of lemon, lemonades!
And for this I could just play you a serenade!!

I don't know but have you met her yet?
She is not the type you wouldn't look twice or more!
She has got in her all it takes to mother Nations!

And for this, the world celebrates her today and forever!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!πŸ€—πŸ€—
Live. Love. Learn

Happy readers, happy reading!
It's a solemn verse.
       *         *          *            *
T'is a course I have chosen to chart,
I have made a decision which will be,
I have set a path,
I shall choose to follow.

Bold steps they say must be taken boldly,
No eyelid batting, no shyness permit,
On this journey, I embark,
I live to bear the consequencial marks!

I must learn to face it all!
I must learn to say "Bring it all on!
I must remain unapologetic,
And stay true to my convinctions!

No one can live this life for me!
My responsibility it is to make it big!
For the good and odds that come,
I must neither teeter nor waver!

Resolute is the word!
Resolute I shall be!

I am Chara- thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. Learn

A long break indeed it has been!
How has 2020 been for you?
Beautiful, I do hope.

It's glad to reconnect with you #thehappyreader with this post I titled "Unforseen".

This perhaps may be me sharing a lesson I learnt even as this year has only begun.

Many a times,  we have plans, we want to do great stuffs, opportunities come our way and we sure are all excited and goofy.

This of course in itself is good, however, often times we do not plan for what can be termed "unforeseen".

In this context, permit me to say we as humans naturally aren't all knowing. Shift happens! However, we shouldn't be caught unawares.

You can choose not to let time and chances happen to you, by having a foresight of possibilities of events.

This must be deliberate. It takes conscious effort on an individual's part to have a foresight.

The good thing is that this will guard your heart against offences and also make you stay sane regardless of what happens. It also enables you maximally utilise the situation to your own advantage.

This is a lesson I believe we must lay hold on as we move in 2020.

Don't be caught unawares!

2020 is a beautiful year as we can all see!
However, it is a delibrate choice to make it the most beautiful!

I missed you here!
We would keep in touch more often too!

I am Chara- thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. Learn
Photo Credit : Kosi ✌

Happy New Year!!!

2020 is here!

I am glad to have you @thehappyreader! Thanks for your reads,  likes,  comments and shares.

The New Year has arrived and we are super ready for it.

Enjoy the year!  Stay strong!  Stay happy!

2020 is indeed beautiful!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. Learn πŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 30- We Move!

Finally day 30 of 30!

The blogging challenge has been a real challenge for me! 
I am glad 2019 wraps up on this note of victory!

So,  dear happyreaders! We move! 2020 is here already!  Embrace the New Year with gusto and gladness!

The "Now" we have must be utilised so we can have the "Tomorrow" we desire! 

Keep your head up high fam! 
Remember, you are your number 1 fan! 

I am using this medium to thank you for being a part of my 2019 journey!  Thanks for likes,  comments,  follows and encouragement!  It indeed has been an amazing ride with you happyreaders! I am glad I have you! See you next year! 

2020 is our beautiful year! 😁
I value you always! 

I am Chara-thehappyblogger! 
Live.  Love. Learn πŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 29- Diving-in

2020 is almost here and we shall be diving right in soon! It's been an amazing 2019!

Much More,  2020 would be better!
Today's message is simple!

Stay motivated @thehappyreaders!
Stay Happy!  Define your happy and be cool with it!  Stay positive! Be optimistic!!
You can only make out of 2020 what you desire!

Don't be weak-willed!  Be strong! Take bold steps!  Get it right from the start! Own your mistakes and learn from it! Read books!  Stay alert!  Be aware!  Have fun! Exercise! Dance! Rejoice! Respect family and friends! Manage relationships well!  Handle rejections too!

Live! Love!!  Learn!!!

The blogging Challenge ends tomorrow! It's been a great ride readers! I am glad we made it!

2020 is indeed beautiful readers!
I value you!

I am Chara-thehappyreader!
Live.  Love.  Learn πŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 28- Tick Tock

John Mark Green says in his poem Taste the Wild Wonder, "I blinked my eyes and in an instant, decades had passed."

As absurd as this may seem,  it is the reality of many today.  

Quite a number of people do not have an appreciable value for their time. 

It's been a whole 362 days! But then, in our minds. January 1st, 2019 seems like a couple of days ago.  

Well,  just as I have been reiterating, time is just as important. Time is life! 

2020 is a clean state that lays bare before us.  What we make out of it still depends on us! 

Here is a quote to conclude with:
"Time is the pivot of life activities. When you miss a second, you miss a time in your lifetime! Time is undoubtedly the greatest asset one can ever acquire. The ultimate and real time is in the mind. Time is thought and thought is time. To mind your time, mind your thought! To mind your life, mind your time!" -Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

2020 is beautiful already!😁

I value you!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger! 
Live. Love. Learn πŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders! 
Happy Blogging Challenge!!! 

Day 27- Replenish!

Ou-yay! Less than a week to 2020!

I can sense high expectations everywhere, freshly baked resolutions, plans and strategies.  Everyone seems to be anticipating the New Year with so much enthusiasm and excitement!!! 

Of course, it's a good disposition! A cool vibe too.  

But then,  
We certainly did have such excitements right about this time last year. (So chill,  this is no guilt trip right now) 

Well,  I did too.  So did I achieve all?  No, but I did great! Any reasons for the ones left out? Sure! 

So the question now is , how do I ensure I do Much better this New Year?

My simple answer is relax!  Chill! Calm down! 

Replenish the lost energy used up during the course of the year.  Go on a trip,  have fun,  breathe in and out! 

These moments would give you an opportunity to see things with a fresh eye and also will give you a bounce to do much more in the New Year. 

You need to replenish your energy to be effective! 

Thanks for putting up with me in this 30daychallenge!

I value you!😊

2020 is sure beautiful with you!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger! 
Live.  Love.  LearnπŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 26- Boxing Day

"Be someone's Santa; give ‘Fanta’" - Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

The message of today's post is to learn and make effort to give out of that little or surplus you might have.

There is a saying that, "a little is a little thing but faithfulness in a little thing is a Great thing!"

If you can give from the little you have, you can give more when you have abundance!

Happy Boxing Day readers!
2020 is beautiful already with you!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live.  Love. Learn πŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 25 - Ou- Yay!

Yes yes,  Merry Christmas Happy Readers! The year has been so exciting with you! Thanks to that one person that always read and comment!  I value you!

Merry Christmas from Chara

Still on our blogging Challenge, day 25 out of 30 precisely!

I themed today "Ou-Yah"

It's an expression of excitement.
Excitements are good but fickle too.
It's just like sugar rush or drunkenness, they do not last forever.

Never place excitements above reasons.
Do not be overwhelmed by excitements that you become oblivion of the fact that lay bear before you. 

Every decision, you want to make in life, be it the choice of a spouse, location, job or even what to say what and when,  never do any of out of excitement.

Allow patience!
Let the bubbles fizzle out!

Merry Christmas still readers!
2020 is beautiful already with you!

I value you!
I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. LearnπŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 24- Celebration

Christmas Eve πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„

Who's excited???

It's that part of the year marked by excitement, joy,  giving,  merriment and bliss.

Everyone anticipates December, even as we get break from work,  meet long-distance relatives, get refreshed,  review goals,  eat alot and spend much more!

It's the festive season!!!

As much as I anticipated Christmas as a child, adulthood has made me feel it's just a day like any other...
Even right now as I type,  I am occupied with deadlines I have to meet before the year runs out....

But well...

The message is that we shouldn't let adulthood cheat us of that excitement.  The year has been a long one... A day off ain't gonna kill nobody πŸ˜‰(hopefully though).

Have fun fam!  Be encouraged! Enjoy whether you have little or surplus!

Define your own Happy!
Own your Space and have fun!

Merry Christmas to you happyreaders!

2020 looks beautiful already with you!

I value you!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live. Love.  LearnπŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 23- Peace and Unity

Yoo!  Still on Nigeria's matter!
We keep preaching peace and unity!
And we sure can have it!

How? You ask...

Well, it's a process that start with you!
Believe it is possible and be delibrate about making it work...

Patronise that business owned by another tribe, encourage inter-ethnic marriages,  do not be bias in judgment, avoid sentiments, don't discriminate, and much more walk in love!

If every Nigerian would do this consciously, the peace and unity we hope for would be our reality!

We are one! We remain one!

2020 is beautiful in Nigeria! 😁

I value you @thehappyreaders!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. Learn πŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 22- Pray for Nigeria

"I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; note,
 2  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. note" -1st Timothy 2:2(KJV,Bible)

Yesterday,  we discussed patriotism!

Today,  still in sycn is a call to pray for our nation Nigeria consistently.

Words are said to carry power,  through words we create, through words will tear down too!

We can make a resolve to ensure that Nigeria becomes the great nation we desire by delibrately speaking good words,  by constantly praying for men in place of authority!

Do not break them by the words you speak. Be a patriot!  Be a noble citizen!
Pray for your leaders!
Pray for your nation!!

This is a beautiful thing to do as 2020 approaches!

2020 with your prayers is beautiful already!

I value you!

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live. Love. Learn πŸ’•

Holla @thehappyreaders!
Happy Blogging Challenge!!!

Day 21- Patriotism 

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else."    -Theodore Roosevelt

Day in, day out Nigerians young and old inclusive get infuriated at the unpalatable situations of the country.  Quite a number mete out various ways to reach out and stand for change through social media platforms,  still,  it seems as though the situations just keep getting worse. 

A large number of people have given up on the country and all their post are with the hastag #howtojaapa. Yesso, almost everyone wants to jaapa oooo.... 

But then,
On the flip side,  don't you think it's an act of timidity? Why would you want to leave your home and squat in a strangers house?  Isn't it your responsibility to put that home in order? If you cannot take care of it while resident,  do you think it would be easier to fix it diaspora? 

Well,  I know it's a hard pill to swallow.  We see how the brave ones are been threatened. But then,  we can never deny home!  We really can't!

Until we make a resolve that we are stuck in a forever relationship where we sworn for better for worse! We may never find home a safe haven. 

Stay patriotic fam! 
We have arrived 2020 and we need revolutionNow!

2020 is beautiful already with you!😁
I value you! 

I am Chara-thehappyblogger!
Live.  Love.  Learn πŸ’•